Glitz & Glamour – The 10 Most Glamourous Places In The World

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a bit of glamour, whether it’s a new glitzy evening dress or some designer shades. So why not indulge yourself with a glimpse at some of the world’s most glamourous destinations that will have you itching to get glammed up and head for the high life.

10.Monte Carlo


Nestled along the French Riviera, the Principality of Monaco is home to Monte Carlo. A well-known destination for wealth and glamourous lifestyles. You can bask in the opulence and beauty of this über glamourous destination.



An old fortress town located in Montenegro, Budva is becoming a hot destination for glamour seekers, with big yachts, good weather, luxury hotels and a great party scene it’s one of the best places to head this summer to show off your style.



It’s no secret that Dubai is full of glamour. With exceptional shopping, relaxation and the chance to show off your swanky evening attire in plush hotels and beachside resorts, indulge your senses and your glamourous side all in one go.



An old-time destination for the rich and famous, Saint-Tropez oozes glitz and glamour. Get glammed up and walk in the footsteps of Bridget Bardot, taking in the wonderful sights and sounds as you go.

6.Las Vegas


What better place to show off your glamourous wardrobe than in Las Vegas. Venture down the awe-inspiring Las Vegas strip with all the lights, water fountain displays and glitzy hotels that will beckon you in at every turn.

5.Capri Island


The Italian island of Capri has exquisite beauty, luxury and a relaxed atmosphere. In the evenings head to the stylish cafes in the main square, where you can feel like a celebrity, and maybe even spot one too.



Barbados is the place to go for sun, sea and sand. This laid-back holiday destination is ideal for relaxing and partying with luxury resorts and glamorous night spots to keep you entertained.



The big city nightlife, gorgeous beaches, style and sophistication combined with the unique Latin atmosphere makes Miami so alluring. It’s the perfect place for donning your glad rags and getting stuck in.

2. Los Angeles


It doesn’t get more glamourous than the home of the stars. Venture up into the Hollywood Hills, cruise down Sunset Boulevard and visit the coolest night spots around.

1. New York


You can’t mention glitz and glamour without including the Big Apple. New York is the city for fashion, culture and glamour. So think Sex & The City and get dolled up for a full on New York experience.

What Do Men Really Want

From a young age, men tend to develop preferences for a certain type of dressing regarding women. Whether it be their mother, poised in front of her boudoir mirror, or a Hollywood starlet gracing film screens everywhere, young boys begin to notice certain characteristics and continue to seek them out in adulthood.

So what is it exactly that men want to see a woman wearing? Every man has different preferences, however at the very least, they all seem to adore the feminine figure. As part of a conducted survey, we decided to put it to the boys. Effortless elegance was the most appealing, however a hint of sexiness was also strongly desirable. Keeping with the concept of ‘less is more’, men love a flash of flesh however prefer only one defining feature. A mid-thigh high hemline, showing off lengthy pins is a weakness for most men. Affirming their preference for a classy display, men also loved a low-back design on women. As John Legend puts it, “love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”. Clothing that enhances the lines, shapes and curves of a woman, revealing the true beauty of the feminine form.

The clothes a woman wears may (appropriately) expose flesh, but on a deeper level, reveals to men clues about her lifestyle, personality and sense of self. Through that second-skin dress, the effortless appeal of jeans and a t-shirt, or even a corporate collaboration, men can sense taste, a sense of style and self-confidence.

There is something about a woman in a buttoned business shirt, blazer-clad with a killer pair of stilettos on that sends men into a spin. The art of ‘power dressing’ in a feminine way appeals to men greatly. A woman who exhibits authority, is draped in professional sophistication and oozes corporate confidence is every man’s weakness.

The little black dress hanging in the closets of women worldwide is there for a reason. Conveying elegance and sophistication through minimalism, it boasts beauty in any situation. It appears, one of the reasons for its eternal popularity, is an obvious preference by males. The sultry outline of a curvy and confident women finely embraced by an equally desirable LBD is a big turn-on. In the words of Coco Chanel “simplicity is the key note of all elegance”.

Women love the idea of buying and wearing beautiful garments and men adore how these clothes enhance the feminine figure. Women can sense that a man may at first notice what she is wearing, but can be sure that he will always remember the beauty in the lines, shapes and curves of her feminine form and the self-love and confidence that permeate her equally beautiful material layers with ease.

-Cassandra Anderson

Glam Globetrotter – The 6 Travel Essentials for your Glamorous Summer Getaway

After reading Azela’s ‘Glitz & Glamour’ blog last week, we are sure we’ve got you itching to set off on your next glamorous getaway. Whether it be to Monte Carlo or the picturesque island of Capri, we’ve got you covered with the travel essentials you’ll need for your glamorous Summer abroad. 

1. New Season Bikini
We’re sure you’ll be relaxing by the pool or soaking up the sun on an exotic beach – so of course – our number 1 Summer travel essential is a gorgeous bathing suit. Pair it with a light dress to give you some cover when heading to the bar to get another cocktail!


2. Wide Brim Hat
What better way of keeping protected from the warm Summer sun whilst still looking fabulous? Pair it with your favourite designer shades or chunky necklace to complete the look.

3. Your Favourite Lipstick
We would recommend a pastel colour to compliment your soon to be tan skin – but if a ferocious red is more your style, then rock it! Lipstick is the perfect way to make your relaxed ‘day’ outfit pop for a night out on the town.


4. A Copy of the latest Vogue Magazine
What else are you going to do whilst tanning on the beach – Besides checking out the local eye candy? Grab the latest copy of Vogue magazine and you’ll be set for a relaxing day in the sun.


5. Your Favourite Pair of Heels
Well, it would be rude to leave your favourite pair of shoes at home – they deserve to feel the exotic sun beaming down on them as well! Like the lipstick, heels are the perfect way to turn your outfit into a statement. Give them the glamorous life they deserve!


6. LBD

Not only the essential travel item, but the essential Azela item – of course – A little black dress.

If you are going to that swanky restaurant on the foreshore or visiting the casino, look no further than one of our dresses for that perfect LBD. Pair it with the ferocious red lipstick we spoke about earlier and you will look red carpet ready.


Melbourne Cup Tips

Melbourne Cup Tips

Your Guide to a Fashionably Forward Day at the Races!

It is the race that stops the nation and a fashion field day. Drawing in the well-heeled, the fashion forward and the racing enthusiasts, Melbourne Cup is the place to be; where the competition on the track is matched by the masses of impeccably dressed onlookers.

Both men and woman alike will be looking to put not only a fashionable foot forward, but to tick the bold boxes of race day hemlines and headwear. With runway trends fast becoming race day realities, below are a few tips for ladies heading out to make stylish statements this coming Melbourne Cup.

1. Bright and bold

Race day means high stakes, bold hues and daring colour duos. Colour blocking is a safe, trendy and classic look as well as the contrasting of two colours. Given it is a daytime event, stay away from any embellished or sequinned styles. Wearing white with lace trims or coloured accessories is simple elegance at its best. Impeccable hemlines are a must.

2. Headwear is a must

Fascinators are a thing of the past. This race day, opt for a small hat or statement headpiece. Keep colours and designs simple and complimentary to your outfit.

3. Statement heels to carry you home

Yes your outfit will be the attention grabber, but spare a thought for your feet! It is never a good look to be seen barefoot on race day. A sensible yet stylish pair of shoes is an absolute necessity. Block heels or wedges are best if grass is involved for most of the day.

4. Make up to last the distance

Primer is going to be your best friend along with long-lasting foundation and smudge-proof mascara. A stylish clutch should be home to a bold lip colour and pressed powder for touch-ups during the day.

5. Have fun

Whether it be a formal luncheon with a runway parade or a picnic set up with the girls trackside, Melbourne Cup is a day to raise the fashion stakes. With the spring racing season comes sunshine, champagne and super stylish trends, so plan ahead, keep it classy and comfortable and enjoy the day!

by Cassandra Anderson