Glam Globetrotter – The 6 Travel Essentials for your Glamorous Summer Getaway

After reading Azela’s ‘Glitz & Glamour’ blog last week, we are sure we’ve got you itching to set off on your next glamorous getaway. Whether it be to Monte Carlo or the picturesque island of Capri, we’ve got you covered with the travel essentials you’ll need for your glamorous Summer abroad. 

1. New Season Bikini
We’re sure you’ll be relaxing by the pool or soaking up the sun on an exotic beach – so of course – our number 1 Summer travel essential is a gorgeous bathing suit. Pair it with a light dress to give you some cover when heading to the bar to get another cocktail!


2. Wide Brim Hat
What better way of keeping protected from the warm Summer sun whilst still looking fabulous? Pair it with your favourite designer shades or chunky necklace to complete the look.

3. Your Favourite Lipstick
We would recommend a pastel colour to compliment your soon to be tan skin – but if a ferocious red is more your style, then rock it! Lipstick is the perfect way to make your relaxed ‘day’ outfit pop for a night out on the town.


4. A Copy of the latest Vogue Magazine
What else are you going to do whilst tanning on the beach – Besides checking out the local eye candy? Grab the latest copy of Vogue magazine and you’ll be set for a relaxing day in the sun.


5. Your Favourite Pair of Heels
Well, it would be rude to leave your favourite pair of shoes at home – they deserve to feel the exotic sun beaming down on them as well! Like the lipstick, heels are the perfect way to turn your outfit into a statement. Give them the glamorous life they deserve!


6. LBD

Not only the essential travel item, but the essential Azela item – of course – A little black dress.

If you are going to that swanky restaurant on the foreshore or visiting the casino, look no further than one of our dresses for that perfect LBD. Pair it with the ferocious red lipstick we spoke about earlier and you will look red carpet ready.


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