What Do Men Really Want

From a young age, men tend to develop preferences for a certain type of dressing regarding women. Whether it be their mother, poised in front of her boudoir mirror, or a Hollywood starlet gracing film screens everywhere, young boys begin to notice certain characteristics and continue to seek them out in adulthood.

So what is it exactly that men want to see a woman wearing? Every man has different preferences, however at the very least, they all seem to adore the feminine figure. As part of a conducted survey, we decided to put it to the boys. Effortless elegance was the most appealing, however a hint of sexiness was also strongly desirable. Keeping with the concept of ‘less is more’, men love a flash of flesh however prefer only one defining feature. A mid-thigh high hemline, showing off lengthy pins is a weakness for most men. Affirming their preference for a classy display, men also loved a low-back design on women. As John Legend puts it, “love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”. Clothing that enhances the lines, shapes and curves of a woman, revealing the true beauty of the feminine form.

The clothes a woman wears may (appropriately) expose flesh, but on a deeper level, reveals to men clues about her lifestyle, personality and sense of self. Through that second-skin dress, the effortless appeal of jeans and a t-shirt, or even a corporate collaboration, men can sense taste, a sense of style and self-confidence.

There is something about a woman in a buttoned business shirt, blazer-clad with a killer pair of stilettos on that sends men into a spin. The art of ‘power dressing’ in a feminine way appeals to men greatly. A woman who exhibits authority, is draped in professional sophistication and oozes corporate confidence is every man’s weakness.

The little black dress hanging in the closets of women worldwide is there for a reason. Conveying elegance and sophistication through minimalism, it boasts beauty in any situation. It appears, one of the reasons for its eternal popularity, is an obvious preference by males. The sultry outline of a curvy and confident women finely embraced by an equally desirable LBD is a big turn-on. In the words of Coco Chanel “simplicity is the key note of all elegance”.

Women love the idea of buying and wearing beautiful garments and men adore how these clothes enhance the feminine figure. Women can sense that a man may at first notice what she is wearing, but can be sure that he will always remember the beauty in the lines, shapes and curves of her feminine form and the self-love and confidence that permeate her equally beautiful material layers with ease.

-Cassandra Anderson

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